Cool Toys Pic of the day – Project CaribCATCH


Project CaribCATCH:

Ah, the Caribbean — warm sun, tropical breezes, bright beaches, waves,
coconut drinks, and seafood eats. Mmmm. Right?

Well, if you are thinking of taking a vacation in the Caribbean, you
might be interested to know that the seafood served at most of the
tourist restaurants and hotels is NOT locally caught. They were sued
too much, and it actually made it economically more reasonable to have
the fish shipped in from safer waters. “What!, you might say, “What a
scandal! Why isn’t the fish safe to eat in the Caribbean?”

“This project focuses on the study and prevention of the human
poisoning syndrome known as ciguatera fish poisoning. Ciguatera is
caused by naturally occurring toxins known as ciguatoxins that are
produced by certain microscopic algae found on coral reefs. These
microalgae are inadvertently consumed by reef fishes and subsequently
accumulated in the coral reef food chain. Humans can be poisoned after
consuming toxic fish.”

Project CaribCATCH is a crowdsourcing project to engage the community
of people who actually live in the Caribbean in tracking and
documenting this concern. This is great for multiple reasons, health
being an obvious one, but ecology and climate change and saving the
coral reefs as an equally important reason. The Project provides
educational information for the public and healthcare professionals,
and gathers information from patients and fishermen. Very very
interesting, and a good use of technologies in support of these goals.
I just wish they made the site a little more engaging & social,
incorporating more social media and ways for people to get involved.

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