Cool Toys Pic of the day – Talk to My Shirt!


My apologies for the recent lack of consistency on this blog. I was
out recovering from surgery for a while, came back to work, and
promptly caught whooping cough. I’m trying to catch up and get back
into the habit.

Today I’m fascinated by Talk2MyShirt.


This is another project using the Arduino Lilypad to integrate
computing and clothes, from high fashion (well, that is other wearable
tech projects) to garments wearable in a day to day environment.
Talk2MyShirt is a bit of social networking, a bit of fashion design, a
bit of geek & tech, and a lot of dreams and visions and wishes. I have
my own dreams in this area, as a current geek who once tried to major
in textile arts. I could rave about my dreams, but I don’t want to
spoil it for you.

Imagine. How do we use computers to control other things around us,
machines, environments, houses, displays? Now, what if we could
control our appearance in a similar way? The colors the textures,
integrating design and display into customized personalized portable
personal environments? Imagine …

Now go explore, and find the people who are setting the stage for
this. The backstage pass is worth teh price of admission.


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