Cool Toys Pic of the day – Groubal


Groubal Customer Satisfaction Index:

Stuff happens. And in this day and age, if you mess up, EVERYONE knows
about it. We all mess up, sooner or later, so the difference is going
to be what you do about it when it happens. The main thing is are you
listening, and do the people who are unhappy know that they’ve been
heard. Groubal is another one of the new crop of online tools for when
that is NOT happening.

In their words:

“We champion consumer complaints. We take your popular petitions to
the corporations and demand answers.
A groubal is a complaint as a petition. We take popular groubals to
the business and demand answers.”

This is a particularly slick application, evidenced by the thorough
and rich use of social meda, from processing Twitter complaints to
providing a Facebook game. They go far beyond the petitions they


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