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Not that there aren’t other ways to do this, but is one of
those ideas that is obvious once you think of it and wonderful to have
after someone else does. In this case, the tool is a real writer’s
friend. They suggest using it to spell check the accuracy of a word or
phrase. I can see it being very useful for language courses or as an
aid for persons who are speaking/writing in a non-native language,
especially to check colloquial or slang phrases. As a writer, I
sometimes find myself debating over which word or phrase will have the
impact, achieve the mental shift in the reader, inspire the frame of
mind I have as a goal. Here is an example from today.

I was in a class session with some medical students, and the topic
coming up was palliative care and how to communicate with patients &
families about difficult issues. Part of the question was what
language to use in searching for articles and guidelines on how to do
this best. A lot of different language was being tossed around (which
is a good thing, as it keeps options open). A couple of them were
“breaking bad news” and “giving bad news.” Here is something neat can do.

In their words:
“Tip: You can get results straight from the address bar, just type

So I can do this search and then share it with you as a clickable link. Bad News:

For me, seeing this, I think of several ways to apply this
information. If I am searching, I want to be sure to use the most
frequent and popular phrase. These are both popular enough, I might
want to use both of them. If I am writing something, I may want to use
a phrase that is not everyday (and thus boring) but not so obscure as
to be meaningless to the reader, making the ‘giving’ option more
desirable. I can see using this tool in various venues and for
multiple purposes.


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