Cool Toys Pic of the day – #newTwitter



New Twitter isn’t a new site or anything like that, it is a new
interface for Twitter. I’m a little late getting access to it, but at
long last can report out. The link doesn’t give you a view of it, but
does take you to the conversation on Twitter about the new interface.

New things I like:
1. Shows my most recent favorited tweet.
2. Shows who has listed me most recently (I quit checking after the
first 25 or so because it was too hard to see what was new)
3. Layout seem s little tighter, more efficient, more streamlined, and
it includes more information. For example, the tweet listings show
both the twitter handle and the name used on the account. Helpful.
4. Share bookmarklet looks intriguing, but I haven’t tested it yet:
5. Click on “Messages” (which used to be DMs) and the left column
shows you how often you talk to someone privately. BUT unfortunately,
it doesn’t give you the option to sort by either number of
conversations or alphabetically.
6. When you mouseover a given tweet, a little arrow button appear to
the far right of it. Click on that, and that tweet shows up in the
right column, in a much larger font, and with a small selection of
recent tweets from the same author, so you can see the context of the
discussion. BUT sadly, you must have excellent vision for that arrow
to be visible, and great manual dexterity to actually click on it.
7. Mouseover a given tweet and it changes color from the adjoining
tweets, making it easier to see which one you are looking at. BUT, the
color choices REDUCE contrast for the selected tweet, making it
actually harder to read if you are sensitive to that.

Which leads us right to …

New things I don’t like:
1. The accessibility issues mentioned above.
2. Default font is kind of tiny, and folks are complaining about it.
Easy to fix with CTRL+plus sign, but not everyone knows that trick.
3. Wasted blank space on the right bar. As in HALF the screen wasted
for anything below the fold. (Below the fold is a newspaper phrase
that has been adopted in computer design lingo to mean anything for
which you have to hit page-down or scroll to see.)
4. For me, the List menu is NOT working. There seem to be whole piles
of odd unique errors people are reporting, including things like
having the cursor disappear. These are erratic, and vary from person
to person. After a half hour, the List menu decided to appear after
all. Hmmmm.
5. Another odd one I had was portions of the screen start flashing
erratically, which is very unpleasant. It is driving me buggy trying
to figure out what is going on when first one tweet flashes, then
another; and then one of the menus flashes, and then part of the right
column. I feel like something is trying to get my attention, but WHY?
Sometimes it is something I am mousing over, sometimes it is just
random as far as I can figure out.
6. The righthand column is partially transparent, so my background
image actually shows through very faintly, but enough to be
7. When I click on the button to retweet a tweet (as well as other
places in the new interface), it pops up a window within the working
window & overlaying portions of the content. I can’t figure out how to
test the accessibility of the new interface, but I find myself really
wondering how a tester would deal with this.
8. From the retweet window, when I ctrl-click on a link to open the
tweet in another tab or window, it doesn’t work, and ends up forcing
it into the same window I was already working in. This means I can’t
open several tabs form the same start page, and that I have to use the
back key and pray I can get back to the same screen I was working from
without anything else having changed. That is pretty unlikely in
Twitter, so I am kind of cranky about that one.

Which leads me to …

New things I LOATHE:*
1. Where is the RSS feed link?
2. After all, really, where IS the link for the RSS feed?
3. Infinite scroll (and the way the page keeps bouncing when you try
to scroll) make me positively queasy. I really really hate this
feature, and I hate it in the other websites I use that do this. I
want my multiple pages with links to Older/Newer. I want to be able to
TURN OFF infinite scroll.
4. I also want to turn on and off the embedded media. I have enough
memory problems with my browsers without adding this complication.

* I was going to say something more visceral, about exactly how it
makes my body feel to loathe it so much. Be glad I refrained.


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