Cool Toys Pic of the day – SharesPost, FinViz, StockMapper, Google Finance


Are you one of those folk who follow the stock market closely, buying
and selling shares of stock? I am not, but I have friends who are. I
don’t if SharePost is as useful as it seems, but I thought it looked
interesting. Financial visualizations are are whole field unto
themselves. I’ve noticed other tools, such as FinViz & StockMapper,
but …



they seem to be looking at the market as a whole, while SharesPost
shows patterns and stocksales for a single stock over time. I
discovered SharesPost in one of the many meetings talking about the
future of Linden Labs given their recent economic and policy
decisions. This snippet overview of a company’s financial health over
time was particularly interesting. Of course, Google Finance will do
this, but I couldn’t find anything there on Linden Labs or Linden
Laboratories or Linden Research or … so I ended searching a big name
company like Ford Motor for an example. Hmmm, maybe SharesPost really
is useful. Especially since they support buying and selling
stock shares, also.


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