Cool Toys Pic of the day – InWorldz



I’m not sure how I missed that InWorldz is an OpenSim virtual world.
Yes, there are too many of them to talk about or keep track of (at
least with as many other things as I try to track), but they do have
it pretty much right in your face.

A) World Map? Yes, we are a virtual world.
B) Downloads? Windows (duh), Linux (that’s nice), Mac (oh, good!), and
…. wait a minute, what? the source code?

There you go. Open source and proud of it. Which, in virtual worlds,
often implies an OpenSim relationship somewhere along the genealogy.
If you dig a little deeper in the InWorldz site, the FAQ contains this

“InWorldz is a Virtual World initially based off the OpenSim software.
Efforts however, are being made to move past this source code and
becoming closer to the Second Life standard for working improvements.”

The buzz I’ve been hearing over the past 36 hours has InWorldz as one
of the most stable and mature OpenSim grid experiences. What? What
happened in the last 36 hours? Oh, Linden Labs (LL) changed the
pricing structure for Second Life. Yeah. Making things a LOT more
expensive for the educational and nonprofits, kind of like Ning did
earlier this year. Not sure how that is working out for Ning. Most of
the groups I participated in left for other parts, but a few are still
around. I expect something similar for Second Life. And thus, the
various virtual world alternatives suddenly become vastly more
intriguing, and they begin actively wooing SL residents. There are a
couple Twitter hashtags for folk who are unhappy about this change,
and if you dig in the stream for the hashtags you will see a number of
tweets from alternative grids looking to take advantage of this
opportunity Linden has handed them.

Twitter: #OSMigrate

In the meantime, these various alternative grids, including InWorldz,
have been there, in the background, quietly doing their work and
building their communities, long before LL made their announcements.
So InWorldz isn’t new, really. But today it is as if they are. Heck, I
went to register an account with them today, got offended that someone
had registered my Second Life name there, and then only later tried to
log in and realized it was me who registered my name. I claimed the
name but didn’t ever get any further and didn’t even realize I’d done
it. But this time, I will definitely be going in, and I don’t think
I’ll be forgetting about InWorldz again anytime soon.


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