Cool Toys Pic of the day – California Roadkill Observation System (CROS)

California Roadkill Observation System (CROS):

If you are anything like me, the title of this alone either made you
shake your head and do a doubletake, or laugh out loud. Roadkill?
Excuse me?

No, really. This is one of those brilliant crowdsourcing apps I would
never have dreamt up on my own but which is a very useful and valuable
tool for science research specifically in the area of ecosystems,
wildlife management , and related matters. It is about paying
attention to information that perhaps was not previously acknowledged
as important.

In their words:
“We have created this site to provide a way for people like you to
report roadkill so that we can understand and try to influence the
factors that contribute to roadkill.”

I particularly like the map, showing high overall density of roadkill
in major metropolitan areas, but higher numbers of large mammal
roadkill in moderately or sparsely populated areas. But did they
really need a roadkill photo gallery?

This makes me wonder how many other bits of idle information, ignored
by most, is actually of riveting importance to some researcher
somewhere, or critical for government resource planning.


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