Cool Toys Pic of the day – Tricki


The idea of a wiki is nothing new at this point, and people have come
up with a lot of incredibly creative and exciting ways to use this
core collaborative technology. Tricki doesn’t look that exciting,
either, at least not at first glance. What makes this so cool is
really the topic, the community, the richness and the depth of the

Tricki focuses on solving math problems. For many people this is
either a huge struggle for them or their child, or is something in
which they have an intense fascination. Either way, this is a useful
resource. The range and sheer numbers of the examples is also
extraordinary. From additive combinatorics to the Weierstrass
approximation theorum, it gives examples, samples, and has forum and
community comments and discussions about what works and why and is the
description really accurate, clear & useful. The articles have
sometimes been tagged with areas of question or comments, and those
markers can be viewed or not, and the comments can be hidden or shown
at the point of the question.

This really shows mathematics as a living breathing topic, not just
immutable facts. This has incredible potential, especially for
teachers working with a class.


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