Cool Toys Pic of the day – Atlas of Science

Atlas of Science:

I got my book! I’m so excited! A friend of mine teases me because I
get all starry-eyed when I am playing with data visualizations and
infographics, all wide-eyed, oohing and aahing. He says, “Ah, I get it
— dataviz is your porn. Uhnhunh. Yep, I get it now.” Well, I don’t
think it is that kind of excitement, but, I must confess I just love
looking at these things. However, usually these books are so expensive
I can’t afford them. I add them to my Amazon wishlist and that is as
close as I get. This time, however, Amazon had the book for about the
same cost as a large pizza. Oh, happy, happy!

Now, why am I fussing over a book in what is usually a tech blog?
Well, this book is of a website, one just stuffed chock full of data
visualizations from science.

Places & Spaces: Mapping Science:

Here, the images are online, go explore. Then see if you want the
book. Keep in mind, the exhibit is coming to campus before too
terribly much longer. We’ll let you know.

Places & Spaces: Mapping Science: Browse Maps:


2 thoughts on “Cool Toys Pic of the day – Atlas of Science

  1. Those are quite neat. I have some reproductions of some of those maps in an “Old Word” book. I love old cartography.

  2. Oh, me, too! The banner graphic at my other blog shows my Second Life avatar riding a orrery inside one of David Rumsey’s map exhibits there, the one of Renaissance cosmos. It is really something to walk around in 3d versions of the maps, like the one of New York City with the Empire State Building about knee high.

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