Cool Toys Pic of the day – iScrub


iScrub Lite:

iScrub is a handwashing / hand hygiene iPhone application designed
specifically to help healthcare professionals who want to
self-monitor. According to a recent news report, the general public
are more likely to wash their hands than doctors in hospitals, so this
is probably a good thing to have!

FierceHealthcare: Handwashing more common in public restrooms than in hospitals…,0

Hand Washing Catching On in U.S.
In Major Cities, 85% of Adults Are Washing Their Hands After Using
Public Facilities, Study Shows (Bill Hendrick)…

In their words:
“In collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and
coinciding with the World Health Organziation (WHO)’s “Save Lives:
Clean Your Hands” annual initiative, we are proud to announce the
release of iScrub Lite.”

With Global Handwashing Day coming up in just a couple weeks, iScrub
might be something to check out BEFORE October 15th!

Global Hand Washing Day:


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