Cool Toys Pic of the day – Take 5 to Save Lives


Take 5 to Save Lives:

World Suicide Prevention Day.

Five Steps:
1. Learn the signs
2. Join the movement
3. Spread the word
4. Support a friend
5. Reach out

Hashtag #wspd



International Association for Suicide Prevention:
… has:
– international list of events:
– activities idea sheet:
– web banner graphics in over 40 languages:

Bloggers Unite suggests writing a blogpost about it:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says:
“AFSP is encouraging everyone to use their social media channels to
spread the word about World Suicide Prevention Day and lend their

The World Health Organization (WHO) says:
“On average, almost 3000 people commit suicide daily. … At the
global level, awareness needs to be raised that suicide is a major
preventable cause of premature death. Governments need to develop
policy frameworks for national suicide prevention strategies. At the
local level, policy statements and research outcomes need to be
translated into prevention programmes and activities in communities.”…

What are YOU going to do?


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