Cool Toys Pic of the day – Gapminder Desktop


Gapminder Desktop:

I’ve been waiting a loooooong time for this!

When Gapminder first came out, it was one of those apps that made my
eyes get all dilated and starry. I could not get enough of it. I
didn’t really understand how to use it effectively, but kept coming
back to it on my own time to try to figure it out. But before I really
made any significant headway, Google bought Gapminder (March 2007) and
it was shut down as an online app. Oh, was I bummed.

Not that Gapminder didn’t still make available visualizations that
they designed themselves, and put out wonderful information on their
blog. If that was all they had ever done, I would have loved them. But
since they had previously allowed people to play with datasets and
then took away that ability, I was disheartened.

Eventually they did restore that web app functionality, expanded the
number of datasets available to play with, created a collection of
tools and resources specifically for teachers, and generally made this
a primo site. Now, at long last, they have released a downloadable
desktop version of the software. HURRAY!

Here is a more detailed review from ReadWriteWeb about it:

Setting Data Free with GapMinder:

Now, the one thing I wish they would add to the site would be some
social or community features, like ManyEyes, so folks can load & share
datasets, comment on each other’s visualizations, and stuff like that.
Empower the GapMinder community to learn from each other.



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