Cool Toys Pic of the day – DonorsChoose



Yes, we all know I like sites for do-gooders, activists and advocates.
This one is special, really. And very timely. My son’s school starts
up in about a week. I’m cleaning & sorting as part of preparing for
school, finding all kinds of great educational books my son has
outgrown in almost pristine shape, which I would love to share with
local schools. Then someone on Twitter sends me this charity notice
saying, “We’re hungry for books, FEED US!”

Another micro-donation site matching need and ability to give in real
world ways, DonorsChoose focuses on immediate educational needs in
real world schools. It is a great way for teachers to let folks know
what would help their classes, and to allow parents and interested
others to give.

In their words:
1. You give to a classroom project.
2. We deliver the materials to the class.
3. Kids learn and show it in photos and thank-you notes.

You can search for what sort of program you want to support, topic,
special needs, specific states, level of poverty, specific schools …
Here are a couple programs at a school in my town that are seeking

Creating a Balanced Literacy Environment:

We Are Mathematicians: Solving Real Problems in the Real World:


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