Cool Toys Pic of the day – #HireFriday



I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about using social media
with hiring and recruiting and employment in general. The neatest
thing I’ve found in this respect is #HireFriday. Folk who are not
using Twitter don’t get it, though, so I have to explain how hashtags

In many social media applications, people can either tag their own
content or that of others. Tagging means (in short) assigning a
subject term, a keyword, sort of cataloging or adding your own
metadata. That last will confuse some people even more. Think of it
this way. Different people look at the same item and the words that
leap to mind may be different.

So the screenshot with this blogpost, some folk might think of it as
blue, while others would say white; some might call it Twitter while
others would call it microblogging and yet others might call it
hashtag or search-results or HireFriday. Those would all be valid
tags. If you tag something, you can then search for that tag, find the
item you tagged and possibly items from other people with the same
tag. When you tag something it is actually like the children’s game of
“Tag, You’re It!” where when the tags work for you they mark things
you actually want on whatever the topic of the tag might be.

In Twitter and some other social media spaces, you can use a hashtag
(a tag or keyword with a number sign in front of it) and if people
agree to use the same hashtag, you can browse the content of all the
people using the same tag. It makes a temporary collaborative
discussion space for sharing information and conversation.

So, back to #HireFriday. #HireFriday is a tag that people have started
using on Twitter on Fridays (and sometimes other times) to post
positions being recruited, links to advertisements of position
descriptions, information about job searches, resources for job
searchers, tips for hiring, tips for posting, moral support …
basically anything to do with the employment hiring/recruiting

In this screenshot, I used the built in Twitter search function by
seeing a tweet that used this hashtag, and clicking on the tag. Voila!
I now have a screen full of job postings. Very interesting.


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