Cool Toys Pic of the day – GeekAWeek



OK, what can I say? I like geeks. I have a not well hidden fondness
for intelligence and insight and creativity and quirkiness. I love
seeing someone (like perhaps Len Peralta?) apply those very factors in
a disciplined restrained celebration of Geeks. (I almost used the word
orgy, but I restrained myself, despite the whole initiative wallowing
in art, movies, TV, computing, & science, which sure sounds orgiastic
to me.)

What is GeekAWeek? A combination installment fiction / trading card
game / podcast-radio show / interview-talk show / trivia / education /
art / comix / culture / social media mashup. There – try saying that
five times fast!

Len has an absolutely delicious integration of social media in the festivities.






Are you in love yet? I might be …


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