Cool Toys Pic of the day – Mugtug


I’ve been tracking online image editing software for years, since
getting a work copy of Creative Studies is almost impossible no matter
how legitimate the justification. Yesterday I heard about Mugtug, and
in checking it out I am pretty impressed with it as a very simple and
relatively usable tool.

It has three major components: sketchbook, darkroom, and community.
The community section is pretty typical of new web apps these days —
let your users help each other, which provides essential information
to the development team and also reduces the burden on the tech
support team.

Darkroom doesn’t have the range of plugins that Photoshop does, but
the ones they do have show their priorities are in the right place. I
am particularly delighted with their choice of options for simulating
and accommodating color vision anomalies (tritanope, deuteranope,
protanope). As a normal vision user, I very much like that they
provide thumbnails of the modifications prior to applying them to the
fullsize image, and that they have a very good undo command (shown by
the standard backward-facing arched arrow) at each editing point.
Nicely done.


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