Cool Toys Pic of the day – Hoppala Augmentation

Hoppala Augmentation:


So you’ve heard a little bit about augmented reality, were intrigued,
and want to just play around with something simple to explore? A
couple weeks ago I would have said the answer was Layar.




Now, the Layar folks are saying you should try Hoppala!


Layar: HOPPALA! Augmentation launched:


In their words:
“With HOPPALA! Augmentation non-technical people can concentrate on
their strengths and just be creative. That’s why HOPPALA! Augmentation
provides all the multimedia features supported by Layar, e.g. audio,
video and 3D. Finally there is no more technical hurdle in the way.
Everybody can create an account and start experimenting immediately.
And it’s free!”


Here is the tutorial video.


Youtube: Hoppala Augmentation Screencast:


Want to keep track of some of the neat things other people are doing
with it? Follow the Hoppala Twitter stream.


Hoppala EU:


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