Cool Toys Pic of the day – Relay for Life in Second Life


Relay for Life in Second Life:

Today I spent a good many hours walking for the Relay for Life. This
wasn’t outdoors in the heat, however, it was in the 3d virtual world
of Second Life at the annual Relay for Life event there, which raised
over $214K US dollars in a 24-hour period. Really. As in the 24-hr
period that made up TODAY.

The way this works is that volunteers coordinate the event. Volunteer
teams plan and construct spaces which range from commercially oriented
to educational to scientific to pure fantasy. The track takes up tends
of islands, a huge amount of space.

Map of the RFLSL 2010 Track:

Volunteer artists & musicians & designers create and donate items for
purchase (with all proceeds going to the RFL) or perform for audiences
at the RFL stages. Teams compete for funds raised. The whole Second
Life community tends to watch and participate. The smallest way to
participate is to simply be an individual walker, like I was, donating
money into various luminaria around the edge of the track, and marking
each donation with the name of a loved one or friend. The luminaria
light up when paid, in different colors depending on the amount. Many
of the donations are small amounts, and the lowest limit accepted is
about $0.50 USD – fifty cents. Amazing how they add up, isn’t it?

Relay for Life in Second Life 2009 — Tour (Part One)


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