Cool Toys Pic of the day – Robots and Monsters


Robots and Monsters:

In their words:
“ is a charitable art project that matches
goodwill and charitable giving with custom-made commissioned cartoon
and pop art. … Part charitable powerhouse, part experiment in
collective creativity, and part underground pop-art gallery, we aim to
change the world, one robot and monster at a time.”

I love this! There are lots of wonderful creative ways that people use
social media and crowdsourcing to do good for others, but this has to
be one of the most fun.

Choose! Do you want a monster or a robot?
OK, now pick three words to describe your creature.
Pay a donation to the charity of the moment, and VOILÀ, you have a
piece of original artwork, funny, creative, clever, incredibly
special, made by a real person (not a robot) and delivered to your

Rameshwari by Joe Alterio
Robot: “Teacher, enchanted, Taj Mahal”

Clooey by David Huyck
Monster: “Planets, fun, eyeballs”

Nimby by Adam Koford
Robot: “What three words?”

How can you beat that? Most recently they were raising money for
Médecins Sans Frontières. I’m sorry I missed that one. I’ll be
watching to see what they do next. Meanwhile, I’m trying to think of
how to apply this creativity and concept in other areas. I’ve seen
something similar where folks also posted links via Twitter and Flickr
to see artist original greeting cards to raise money for oil spill
cleanup. Similar concept. What would you do?


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