Cool Toys pics of the day: iSeek Plus

I had looked at iSeek before, and thought it was basically similar to
the many other granular or faceted search engines I collect (more on
those another time). Today I saw it demonstrated by an expert. There
is a lot more to in than I had picked up, and part of that is because
they don’t make it terribly easy to find out that they are doing cool
stuff. So that is my job, right? I tell you folks about cool stuff all
the time.

This is only the very slimmest barest pointer. I’m not going into
details, I am not going to explain this or that cool aspect or
technique. I did provide screenshots to give you ideas. Take a look at
the pictures. Go play with it yourself. Mouse over things and read the
popups. Click on things and try it out. Now, here is where you start.

iSeek Home:

iSeek Education Portal:

iSeek Medicine Portal:

iSeek Finance:


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