Cool Toys pics of the day: VisualMD & VisibleBody

This was one of those days where there were so many things I found and
wanted to blog that I had a terrible time making up my mind. Someday
I’ll just need to list a bunch of things I’ve missed. For tonight, I
decided to do some healthcare pieces.

Visible Body:

“Visible Body is the most comprehensive human anatomy visualization
tool available. This web-delivered application offers an unparalleled
understanding of human anatomy.”

Visible Body appears to be free with registration. The 3D models are
detailed, clear, attractive, and interactive.

The Visual MD:

Visual MD includes videos, visualizations, and interactives. The
resources focus on health health and cancer, as well as children,
child bearing and mental health. Again, the images and graphics are

Both resources are worth exploring and considering using to supplement
communication for consumer health issues and talking with patients,
family or friends.


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