Cool Toys pics of the day: County Sin Rankings & the IOM/HHS CHID Event


County Sin Rankings:

Yesterday I attended the Livestream of the Institute of Medicine and
Department of Health & Human Services forum on the Community Health
Data Initiative. There were SO MANY amazing tools demonstrated, I was
just over the moon with excitement. My favorite was not one of the
highlighted ones, but a parody site that bridges the County Health
Rankings site and the CommunityClash game that was presented. This one
was brought up in the Twitter stream.

Country Sin Rankings takes various health indicators and maps them to
the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and
sloth). Very colorful, enormously engaging – I can see this being
useful as a game, at health fairs, to print off custom posters, have
little local competitions to change the ranks of the community when
you compare to others, promote “school pride” (but within a
community), and so forth. You could put up little posters of these,
and then make coloring books of images related to the concepts you
want to change. Very fun.

Here are more of the cool toys and tools from the event. You can find
the links here:

Harnessing the Power of Information to Improve Health: IOM & HHS
Community Health Data Initiative Event…


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