Cool Toys pics of the day: Bing Twitter


Bing Twitter Search:

There are quite a few Twitter search engines out there, and Bing has
entered the fray, so to speak. They are actually doing a fairly nice
job of it. Perhaps for the true Twitter addict it isn’t quite the set
of functionalities they’d choose first, however it is a very good set
of options for those using Twitter for enterprise purposes, listening,
tracking brand, tracking hashtags, and similar functions.

I very much like the way they highlight the most tweeted links on a
topic, which is very very useful and practical. They give most recent
tweets, but not very many of them and they don’t refresh / update / or
scroll, so that is pretty static. You can fix that by clicking on the
Most Recent button on the left side. It also allows you to search for
the best match or most relelvant tweets, which has interesting
potential. More functions for the corporate listener, Bing also adds
news articles, Wikipedia links, and a search history to allow you to
go back a step in your search strategy if needed. Not bad, not bad at


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