Cool Toys pics of the day: ViFit



This makes PERFECT sense – gesture-based computer in support of health
outcomes for the blind and visually impaired. It is hard enough to get
any kid to be physically active, but for those with any kind of
special need it is more complicated. My son has an ASD, and alternates
between inactive and too active. Getting a Wii was one of the best
choices we ever made, as it suits both extremes for him.

Accessibility & universal design have been in shorter supply for
videogames than for web sites, and it remains a long haul with web
sites. Now, thinking about how with accessible web design you provide
all critical information in formats accessible for a variety of
senses. With games, the excuse is “but it’s a game, it isn’t critical
information.” Eh, well, really? What ViFit has done is combined the
same types of multisensory cues required for accessible websites in
Wii Fit type of games. Is a bowling ball rolling towards you? What if
you can feel the vibration as well as see it approach? For a person
with moderate or total vision impairment, this can make the difference
between being able to play the game or not. For a person with normal
vision, it adds an additional layer of immersiveness. Sounds like a
win-win to me! More game designers should start to think about this.


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