Cool Toys pics of the day: Facebook Privacy


The moment we’ve all been waiting for!! Or is it? Facebook rolled out
their simplified privacy settings just a handful of days ahead of the
scheduled mass exodus.

Quit Facebook Day:

The idea is that things are simpler. Well, they were pretty
complicated and fuzzy before, so that sounds good. I took a look. The
new display is better organized, collapses things into a display that
is, at least for me more clear. (Second picture below.) Then I try to
change something. OOPS. Maybe not as easy as it looked. I wish I could
just click on the box in the grid to go right to that particular

Zuckerman wrote a blogpost about what they are trying to do.

Mark Zuckerman: Making Control Simple:

It is a really really long blogpost with lots of words and a few
screenshots. We’ve discovered in libraries that when we have to
explain something a lot or do a lot of training it is usually because
the system wasn’t well designed in the first place. Over 5600 people
said they “liked” the post. Over 1600 people wrote comments on it. I
started skimming the comments. In general, they seem to be people who
are still pretty upset.

Somehow I have the feeling we haven’t heard the last of this.
Zuckerman said it was his birthday recently. I am going to predict
that he ends up spending much of this 26th year of his life focusing
on these issues and trying again to find improved solutions.


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