Cool Toys pics of the day: Collegiate Nation


Collegiate Nation:

Facebook really dug themselves a hole last month, and we are all still
feeling it and hearing about it. This has created a marvelous
opportunity for many smaller social networking sites to offer
competing services, including, Appleseed (open
source), Diaspora
(open source), OneSocialWeb
(open source) & Crabgrass
(software libre). Collegiate Nation is one of those. After the
problems Facebook has had recently, it was pretty clear what folks
wanted to hear. So Collegiate Nation said exactly that:

– Connect only with college friends — or broadcast to the world. You decide.
– Delete or edit anything you post whenever you want. Post anonymously.
– Our promise is no ads. No selling of your info to anyone.
– No data mining. No third party apps.
– Privacy is our policy.
– You totally own and control all your info.

Wow. There you have it. Oh, what, you aren’t a college student? That’s
ok. They have an alternate site for regular folk:

U Me Now:


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