Cool Toys pics of the day: Reclaim Privacy


Reclaim Privacy:

The hot buzz today has been Reclaim Privacy, yet another approach to
countering the Facebook privacy issues. Mashable, Forbes, PC World,
Guardian, Read Write Web, Lifehacker and many others are talking about
using this open source tool to examine your privacy settings for
potential unsafe gaps with the assumption that you’ll correct them.

I don’t know about you all, but while I am less than thrilled with
Facebook’s privacy policy trends I am also getting a bit tired of all
the fuss. I really like that this tool scans your settings without any
security risk, uses open source code, and ultimately leaves it up to
you. You see, privacy needs for a private individual might very well
be different than those for a corporate presence or someone with a
personal brand, where you WANT to be discovered.

Another way to think about this is as, a kind of cultured courtesy.
Thinking back roughly a hundred years ago, the Western culture had
norms in place that carefully moderated what sort of things were OK to
say to whom, and these were a bit different than now. There were
benefits and costs of this. Then in the middle of the most recent past
century these sort of turned upside down, but found there were
different benefits and costs. Now we are learning, as a culture, what
we can and can’t say and where we can’t say it — UNLESS we want to
bear the costs.

My basic policy is this. Don’t say anything on Facebook that you don’t
want in public except for in private messages to one other person, and
then treat those as you would writing email. They can be forwarded.
Avoid using real names in order to protect not just your own privacy
but that of those you care for, but instead use DS for dear son, DH
for dear husband, and other commonly accepted generic acronyms. Assume
transparency of what is said online, but manage that transparency by
being careful about what is said. Simply, assume you are talking to
the town gossip, and you should get by just fine.


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