Cool Toys pics of the day: OpenCast


Open Cast Project:

In their words:
“Matterhorn is an open source project working within the Opencast
Community to develop an end-to-end, open source platform that supports
the scheduling, capture, managing, encoding and delivery of
educational audio and video content.”
“The Opencast community is a collaboration of higher education
institutions working together to explore, define, and document
podcasting best practices and technologies. Through the Community
mailing list and Resource exchange, the community offers guidance and
information to help others choose the best approach for delivering
rich media online.”

In my words:

Actually, this is a timely and wonderful project. Not just open
source, but also creative commons and a collaboration. The affiliated
projects sound even better:

Metadata Project
– Metadata for academia audiovisual, as in (I am guessing)
cataloging, organizing, tagging, standards, structures, ontologies,

Open U
– Open technology choices for video distribution.

– Captioning!!!! Hurray!!! Someone is thinking about accessibility.

Steeple Project
– The vision for the Steeple project is to create a viable community
around ”’scalable, enterprise-level solutions suitable for the UK-HE
sector”’ in the areas of automated ”’video/audio capture,
video/audio processing, and video/audio delivery (“podcasting”)”’.

The Open U section has some particularly valuable snippets describing
core problems in open educational resources these days.

“Universities currently publishing video generally rely on commercial
and/or proprietary systems for distribution. Not only are they costly
to install, operate, and maintain, but they can also limit the reach,
effectiveness, and ubiquity of the educational material being
published. Ideally, schools would have easy access to free and open
source publishing tools, and be able to offer their video content with
the benefits of systematic openness. Some of these benefits include
educational content being: sharable between individuals and
institutions, easily discoverable and accessible on the web and other
platforms, compatible with a variety of mobile and video hardware, not
reliant on singular commercial interests, and so on. A set of tools
can help opencast fulfill its vision of a broad-based, open media

Very exciting!


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