Cool Toys pics of the day: QuickStork



In their words:

“Sorry, we got a bit carried away. QuickStork allows you to access,
share, and manage any photo on the Internet: from Flickr, Facebook,
Picassa, or just photos you find on Google. Using QuickStork you can
share any pictures in Real-Time with any Wifi digital photo frame,
widget, or computer. If you are traveling in Asia you can share your
pictures with your parents’ frame in New York. No more e-mailing or
complex settings. This is person to person photo sharing with the
click of a button. You know what you are sending, when you’re sending
it, and that someone has received it. We’ve also added a bunch of
other good stuff like the ability to create virtual frames to share
your pictures with others by embedding them in blogs, websites,
desktops etc. You can also send your cell phone pictures to real or
virtual frames too. Think you’ve got the idea?”

Intriguing. I’m thinking you could probably also use this as a backend
to supporting website integration? Not sure but interested in the


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