Cool Toys pics of the day: Idioms


Wayne Magnuson’s English Idioms, Sayings and Slang is a wonderful
browsable database of slang phrases in English by topics, textwords or
definitions. A real timewaster.

a bad time
a dickens of a time
a hard time
a hell of a time
a rough time
a rough time of it
a stitch in time saves nine
a tough time of it
about time
at one time
at this point in time
beat your time
big time
buy time
catch you at a bad time
dickens of a time
do time
easy time of it
from time to time
give me a bad time
give you a hard time
give you a rough time
go down for the third time
good time
hard times
have a good time
hell of a time
high time
how time flies
in a long time
in no time
in the nick of time
in time
just in time
keep up with the times
kill time
lean times
let the good times roll
long time no see
lose time
make good time
nine times out of ten
on time
once upon a time
one at a time
one hell of a time
put in time
spend time
stitch in time
take time to smell the roses
take your time
take your sweet time
time and again
time flies when you’re having fun
time is money
time is of the essence
time off
time on your hands
time out
time ran out
time stands still
time to kill
time to time
time’s a wasting
time’s up
times were hard
tough times
waste no time”

Have fun!


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