Cool Toys pics of the day: Google Drawing


Google Drawing:

Google Docs Help: Drawing: Creating Drawings:

I have tested out way more than my share of online image editors over
the years. It is usually a case of this one won’t do this and that one
won’t do that, and the other one will do it but only in a different
format. So to get the image I wanted, I would start in one editor,
convert file format, switch to another editor, convert format again,
and so forth until I could perform all the various functions required
to create the image I had in mind.

Being a librarian, I am forever making Venn diagrams (kind of like the
song “I’m always blowing bubbles”). That has become my standard of how
useful a graphic editor is, followed closely by creating flowcharts.
Google Drawing does both, very nicely, I might add! One of the
problems I always had with Venn diagrams in online graphic editors was
transparency, so I could see the overlap of the circles. You can see
that isn’t a problem in the image I put with this post. Now, I just
wish I could have partial transparency with a pale color, but that
might be asking too much just yet. I am pretty happy just to have this
tool as an extension to the Google Docs collaboration suite. Very


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