Cool Toys pics of the day: Ubutu



I try every week to go to the ISTE presentation series in Second Life
(Tuesday nights, 5pm Pacific Time). Usually they have invited speakers
who are experts in many wonderful innovations and cutting edge
approaches to education. Tonight was unusual in that they had some
people talking about an application (like, read my lips, a cool toy?).

Udutu was the topic for tonight. I won’t go into much detail since all
the information you need is online. Basically, it is an online course
authoring tool, FREE, doesn’t require hosting for a trial of your
course. The presenters (Jen Shieldmaiden, Pogie Zeitlich, and Dr.
Gibson) talked about the power and flexibility of the templates, the
ease of customization, integration into other resources and tools like
Googel Docs and Google Wave, and much more. They especially liked the
online tutorials for how to use it, the community forums,
interactivity, and the strong support from the Ubutu company.

Sounds worth checking out to me!


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