Cool Toys pics of the day: ThreadMap



I stumbled on this by accident. Well, actually, it was a Google ad,
believe it or not. Google ads are pretty sneaky beasts, and I am
finding them increasingly useful, in various ways.

“ThreadMap is a site dedicated to a single purpose: helping users
explore and navigate Second Life. It brings together video and imagery
from various locations in SL, allowing you to vote on, rate, and share
comments about media to help others find interesting places and

I like the interface. I like that I can browse by thumbnail, browse by
map, search by keyword, skim images, watch videos, decide I want to
visit and teleport there, and more.

This seems to be a pretty new site, with very few actual threads, but still has:

“Stats: 89,694 images, 7 videos, 21,448 regions”

I like that people can collaborate on a Thread, but I don’t see a way
to articulate the topic or theme of a thread. I would like to see
richer tagging and annotation. I know there are thousands of Second
Life tourism videos in YouTube, and would like to see more of those
integrated here, as well as the enormous numbers of Flickr groups for
various special interests in Second Life.

This has the potential to be something very cool and useful. It will
depend on whether people get involved and help build the content, and
also if the developers are responsive to consumer requests.


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