Cool Toys pics of the day: TEDxOntarioEd in SL



I could not resist. This was too cool.

TED = Technology Entertainment Design
x = local
Ontario = where it was tonight
Ed = the focus of the presentations, ie. Education

I stumbled into the TEDx for Ontario midway through the event. Someone
posted the LIvestream link. I thought, hmmm, it would be fun to watch
this with friends. With the new Second Life v2 viewer it is possible
to posted web pages (live media) real time in Second Life. I popped in
during the break, and tested it out. It worked! I set up a screen,
called a few friends, and we all settled down to watch the videos.
Folks wandered in and out for the next couple hours.

What really blew my mind was when the folks in Ontario put up a couple
presentations from folks coming in via Abode Connect. Here is the
chain of tech that lead to our viewing screens.

Folk somewhere in Canada via Adobe Connect
to the Ontario live audience
to Livestream
to the web
to a prim on Cedar Island in Second Life
to the various computers of the SL audience, comprised of folks from
Ontario, Toronto, Michigan & Texas.

Now, how freaky and cool is that?


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