Cool Toys pics of the day: Civic Apps


Civic Apps:

Disclaimer. I have never lived in Portland. I have never visited
Portland. I am only a poor lonely Northwest Coast wannabe who never
made it out of the Midwest. I have stories about that, but will save
them. So I’ve pretty much always been jealous of people who lived in
Portland or moved to Portland (which is closer to my ideal NW city
than Seattle, not that Seattle isn’t wonderful). Just Portland is one
of those places I’ve always had a “thing” for, like Paris & Tokyo. And
not saying I don’t love Ann Arbor, where I live now and which is a
very cool place, although what I mostly see of it is my cubicle and
living room.

Anyway, if it wasn’t bad enough, Portland has now created this
absolutely BRILLIANT effort to combine open source data, public good
and civic responsibility and engagement in creation of crowdsourced
mobile applications. I think jealously almost made my teeth ache when
I saw that one of the most popular ideas (crowdsourced voting, too, of
course) is Augmented Portland, as in AUGMENTED REALITY for Portland.
How cool is that? I also loved the idea for Disaster Relief Community
Information system.

Ann Arbor? Can we do this? Even if we don’t get the Google Fiber? (hint, hint)

Found via GIS


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