Cool Toys pics of the day: Second Life Viewer 2 Now Official!


Second Life:

What has become “affectionately” known as SL2 (the version 2 Second
Life viewer or browser) was, until this afternoon, also referred to as
the Beta Browser, as in beta with a capital-B. It has been a blend of
excitement, trepidation, relief and anxiety. The first time I heard
about it was a ‘rumor’ from a master builder who is in the know. Lots
of scurrying and whispering from folk who didn’t know what was
happening or about to happen. Less than a week later, it was out. That
was oh, about a month ago? and now it is the default browser, and will
be the mandatory required browser within a couple months.

There is lots out there about it, but this piece, from Tuesday a week
ago is the best and most current I’ve seen. In Slideshare:

ISTE Presentation – Second Life Viewer 2.0: Exciting
Upgrade for Educators! – Fleep Tuque – March 2010


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