Cool Toys pics of the day: AggData


AggData: FreeData:

In their words:
“In 2006, AggData LLC was founded by Chris Hathaway to address a need
for pertinent location data, discovered through his work and study in
data extraction. Although the Internet provides valuable and
comprehensive use, data is now enslaved by outdated proprietary
systems. What the Internet was created for has been thrust to the
background by a shortfall of portability and utility.”

What I want people to see is this rather interesting and odd mix of
free data sets. I hope he expands this more in the future.

Complete List of Fortune 500/1000 Companies 1955-2009
Complete List of International Calling Codes and Area Codes
Complete List of Nobel Prize Winners
Complete List of Oscar Nominees and Winners
Complete List of United States Zip Codes
Complete List of US House of Representatives Contact Information
Complete List of US Senator Contact Information
Complete List of XBox Games


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