Cool Toys pics of the day: Google Bike Paths


Google Maps: Directions by Bicycle:

Yesterday I saw an announcement of Google now having directions and
maps for bicycle riders availabe. That got a whole lot of people in my
Twitter stream all excited. This is something that GoogleMapsBikeThere
had been lobbying for for quite a while.

Google Maps Bike There:

In the image shown, the maps giver directions in Ann Arbor up to the
Hospital. I thought that was pretty nifty. This works by going to
Google Maps, clicking on directions, and then choosing Bicycles from a
drop down menu. This generates a map like the one above. Please notice
the the yellow warning that this is in beta, and asking for feedback
about whether the route is safe or in good repair.

A lot of cities made their own collections of bike maps. You can find
a huge number by searching for “bike maps”. Try combining that with
the name of the city, country or state in which you bike. Here is one
example that has particularly nice details and features – Ride the

RideTheCity (New York City):

In case you want to compare routes, while Google Bikes is in beta,
here are a few other places you could try to for this same type of


Bikely: Ann Arbor:

Map My Ride:

Map My Ride (Ann Arbor):

GetDowntown (Ann Arbor):

Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society (Maps):


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