Cool Toys pics of the day: DataCite, InfoChimp and more public/open data aggregators



Yesterday, in close competition for my attention with the Google Fiber
initiative, was something much farther away and closer to home (at
least in terms of immediate relevance and applicability). That was the
announcement of the opening of the DataCite organization. Data Cite is
yet another open data initiative, trying to first, get scientists to
share data, and second make it easily accessible and discoverable.

DataCite is housed in Germany, and InfoChimps is in the US (Texas, to
be specific). Both are trying to aggregate, organize and support open
data and related initiatives. DataCite is new, but has some high
powered collaborators. InfoChimps is collecting and tagging
collections of publicly accessible datasets, and also encouraging
people to add their own public data. ManyEyes also allows user to
upload their own data with the added hook of immediate access to
visualization tools.

The idea of open data is that scientists waste a lot of time redoing
experiments someone else has already done in order to get access to
the data, or they avoid certain types of questions and experiments
because it is hard to get access to the right data, with the bottom
line being that the World has enough problems developing fast enough
that we can no longer afford for scientists to work in private
seclusion anymore. The World needs sharing and bootstrapping and
collaboration in all kinds of problem solving for important problems.
This is going to mean a major culture shift. The answer lies somewhere
in the concepts of open science, open notebook science, open data,
open etcetera. There is a core group of scientists (both established
and young) who have been actively discussing these issues, questions,
and solutions. Here are just a few of the communities and resources
that have come out of these conversations.


Open Data Commons:

Open Data Foundation:

Open Knowledge Foundation:


This is a selected alphabetical list adding onto the two mentioned
above. There are a lot more, with many speciai groups focusing on data
for specific topics or domains.

Amazon Public DataSets:

Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network:
Infochimps metadata added to the collection for easy access:


Google Public Data (example):…:CN060850
Google blog:
Earlier Cool Toys blogpost about it:


Open Data UK:

Open Government Data Initiative:



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