Cool Toys pics of the day: Untiny



Yesterday I got a funny sounding DM (Direct Message in Twitter) from a
person I know, but not very well. The DM included a link, which was a
shortened URL from a URL shortening service that was new to me. I was
supsicious, and didn’t want to go to the link. Being curious, I
started looking for a way to find out what the lnk was for without
clicking on it.

Simple explorations didn’t work, so I looked for a reverse TinyURL
sort of service, which I remembered seeing before. I found Untiny, and
was delighted. I especially liked the cut and paste web interface that
didn’t anything of me. Untiny didn’t work with the link in front of
me, but did with several others. Good stuff, but not good enough.

I kept digging and found the URL unshortener I remembered from before – PrevURL.


Same thing happened, tho – still could not find out what the link was.
I found one more tool – LongURLPlease


This one seemed to do more sites, BUT required a plugin install for
Firefox, which I was not going to do.

I finally tried searching Google. Not the until URL (which didn’t work
when I tried it) but just the stem. I wanted to find out what this new
URL shortening service was.


It’s Twitter. They bought their own URL shortening service in an
effort to control and manage spam. Good idea!

About Twitter’s URL Shortener (

Since the link I received was from Twitter, I reluctantly clicked on
it, and so far as I can tell nothing bad happened. Still, worth
knowing about!


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