Cool Toys pics of the day: NewsTrust



“ features a daily feed of news and opinions from
mainstream and independent sources, based on ratings from our
. Our web review tools enable people to rate stories for
facts, fairness, context and other core journalistic principles ā€” and
become more discriminating news consumers in the process.”

Columbia Journalism Review had an article about teaching people (especially students) to spot Bad News. The
article referred both to NewTrust and to Howard Rheingold’s “Crap Detection 101” meme.

Here is a blogpost about the project for Howard’s students who were assigned
to go find the bad stuff and make sure it got rated or ranked as such.

Being able to identify quality is the flip side of being able to
identify “bad news”, they go hand in hand, and
librarians/teachers/academics/researchers/journalists/etc. have ALWAYS
been very interested in both. These are core human survival skills.
Interesting assignment and interesting tool.


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