Cool Toys pics of the day: GIMP


GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program):

GIMP is NOT a new tool. It is a COOL tool. It is cool in part because
it is open source, in part because it is free, in part because it has
a great community of people supporting and extending it to always make
it better, in part because it works on so many different types of
computers, but most of all because it is so DARNED USEFUL!!!

This came up because one of the faculty at my school asked me, as an
not-work-related question about how to find and evaluate digital
scrapbooking tools. GIMP was part of my reply, and that made me think
I should mention it here. I will share the rest of my reply below.

There are so many options it would make your head spin. Usually you
will find them called “digital storytelling” tools. Here is the most
famous collection of them:

CogDogRoo (Alan Levine): StoryTools:

Another one:
Tolisano, Silvia Rosenthal. Digital Storytelling Guide [PDF: 108 pages]:…

The main difference between digital storytelling and digital
scrapbooking is the intent of the use and the cost, with scrapbooking
apps being more expensive and storytelling apps officially focusing
more on education (although they can be used for both, and really
foster creativity).

Here are a few reviews.

Womens Day: Scrapbooking: Reviews:

TopTenReviews (chart – beware of “buy” buttons):

This one is about a FREE image editing tool (GIMP) to use for
scrapbooking (please note, this is why I say digital storytelling
tools work – most of the ideas they say for this are true of other
tools also).

ScrapBooksGoneDigital: GIMP:


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