Cool Toys pics of the day:


Packratius has given me a new lease on life. This is after Delicious
was slowly sucking me dry.

I have this love/hate relationship with Delicious. It was like a
romance. Your eyes meet across a crowded room or something, and you
just know, you MUST get to know them better. One thing leads to
another, and you find you are driving your friends mad talking about
your new infatuation all the time. But it isn’t just an infatuation,
and it doesn’t stop or wear off. Little by little you invest more and
more time and energy into the new relationship, less and less into
your previous relationships.

You talk about moving in together. Next thing you know, you have 7,000
URLs lining the walls. Then 8,000. Then 10,000. You decide to make
this a permanent relationship. It’s pretty obvious how committed you
are. You start to take things for granted. Not that you don’t love the
life you are living, just the way it is now, but you count on it being
that way forever, comfortable, cozy, dependable.

Somewhere around 15,000 URLs the zing seems to go out of it. It is
still comfortable, but a bit slower, rockier, not as rewarding, a
little more problematic. Around 20,000 URLs you wonder if you can keep
trying. Is it really worth it? But you’ve invested so much! Can you
give it up? Are you really willing to pick up and move out? You want
to make it work, but are increasingly dubious that it ever could
really work again.

You agree to see a therapist. Dr Packratius manages to translate the
misunderstandings that have crept in. Links appear in the stream
again. Not so many crashes. Not so slow. Communication isn’t like mud
anymore. Things feel better. Not perfect, not great, but you have
hope, and it has been a while. Let’s give things another try.

Thank you,, for saving my “marriage.” đŸ™‚


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