Cool Toys pics of the day: Engelbart Mural


Visual Insight: Engelbart Mural:

Program for the Future: Engelbart Mural:…

The first time I encountered this mural was at The Tech Museum of
Innovation in Second Life. The mural is a large beautiful rendition of
a timeline of the history of modern technology set against the
conceptual background of Doug Engelbart’s life. For those of you who
want to find it, it was on the second floor of the museum in a large
conference room, against a long inside wall.

The Tech Museum of Innovation:

From the Tech Museum website:
For more information about the birthday party, visit:
To learn about the museum’s upcoming “Program for the Future Design
Challenge,” inspired by Englebart’s vision for “Collective
Intelligence,” visit:

I loved it then, and was delighted to receive this link to it from a
local compadre earlier today. Evidently, it has been around for a bit,
as evidenced by this 2008 blogpost in Wired.

WIRED: Gadget Lab: Silicon Valley Conference Aims to Raise Planetary IQ:

The folks who made the mural have done a lot of other very interesting
conceptual visualizations as well.

Visual Insight: Portfolio (Other Murals):

What makes this all so timely is an announcement I just found in
Twitter that the very first Engelbart Prize has just been awarded by
the Program for the Future. I can’t find any official press releases
to confirm, but I am sure those are forthcoming shortly. In the
meantime, take a look at this for an intro to the contestants for the
first Engelbart Prize.

The Tech Virtual: Program for the Future Challenge:…:int=18&-C=

Amazing stuff, folks. If you aren’t already a major fan of Doug
Engelbart, please read up on him just a little.


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