Cool Toys pics of the day: Sex. Really. SexTech and more


Sex. Really.


There have been a lot of wonderful resources shared in my online
spaces the past few days, ranging from those for hard core scientists
to those to change the world and make it a better place (not that the
two are at all exclusive!). I am trying to not veer too far in time
from when something happens.

Today I am talking about the SexTech conference, which was
bursting across Twitter yesterday via the hashtag #sextech. SexTech is an
examination of two of the most intimate areas of our lives (sex and
technology), both of which seem to go wrong far more easily than they
go right. Specifically, SexTech brought together presenters from many
different areas to talk about ways in which technology can serve to
help alleviate many of the most difficult and challenging problems in
the sexual lives of youth and women, as well as other communities.
Topics included date rape, abuse, violence against women, identifying
characteristics of repeat sexual offenders, safety for homeless youth,
safety for LGBTQA teens, parenting tools and strategies, tools to help
men not become rapists inadvertently, communication tools, and much
much more.

Technology discussed ranged from web-based resources, networks and
interventions to an awful lot on mobile health tools and resources
(mHealth). Technology also included the ways in which the conference
itself and the attendees were using technology to access and share the
content. The conference was livestreamed in multiple locations, of
which Sex.Really and JustGood seemed to be the two leading ones. I
already mentioned how Twitter was burning up the virtual wires with
Tweets. It was a really rich conversation, worth exploring on many


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