Cool Toys pics of the day: 3Dvia


3Dvia (3D Models, 3D Modeling Software & 3D Community):

“3DVIA allows you to find, upload & create your 3D models and content
online. Join the 3D community and share your creations today!”

I know I always say this, but, this is so cool! I guess that is why I
called this blog “Cool Toys”!

You create an account, like any social networking space. You can
upload your stuff. Download other people’s stuff. But not just stuff.
You can download 3D models, and the textures used to create them!
Within limits, of course. 🙂

“These textures files may only be used as incorporated in a model
created with 3DVIA Shape”

People in 3Dvia are creating 3D models and animations of fires,
plants, outdoor scenes, vehicles, militia, … Mostly vehicles. Lots
and lots of vehicles. Now, if we could just import them into Second
LIfe and some of the other virtual worlds!


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