Cool Toys pics of the day: Flickr: UM Haiti Relief


Flickr: UM Haiti Relief:

OK, sometimes it isn’t about being fancy. It is about being effective.
Being accessible. Simple tools can be just what you need.

There is nothing particularly novel, as as I know, about the
University of MIchigan using Flickr to collect images from their
efforts to provide support following the earthquake in Haiti. What is
cool is first and foremost, THEY DID IT. By that I mean both that they
sent teams to Haiti as well as that they made good use of social media
to engage their audience and tell their story. These are great
images. They feel real, they tell a story and tell it well. They give
you a window of insight into a situation. They are not necessarily
photos that jump up and down and say, “An amazing photographer took
these, wow.” They don’t need that, and I think it might actually
detract from their story. The story they are telling is about real
people in a real space doing things that make a difference. If the
pictures were too polished and fancy it would detract from that
message, would seem artificial.

So I am blogging this today not because Flickr is such a cool toy
(although it is) or because social media is particularly amazing when
applied to disaster response or new media communications (which again
is certainly true), but rather just because this is a good example and
I am proud of the folks at UMHS responsible for this. Good job. 🙂
Glad to be on your team.


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