Cool Toys pics of the day: Amplicate



I discovered Amplicate when they discovered me. They caught one of my
tweets when I was talking about how much I loved Aviary, and then I
was curious about what they were doing.

“Amplicate collects similar opinions in one place; making them more
likely to be found by people and companies.”

This is useful for organizations tracking their brand and wanting to
improve customer relations. It is also useful for folks shopping.
Amplicate seems to seed their collection with scrapings from Twitter
public streams, but then engage people beyond that with additional
conversation that occurs at the website. The numbers are not bad:

“3,357,916 Opinions And 1,447,413 Users”

My week has been dominated by problems with Comcast, which is not a
new thing, and I noticed on their main page that the top quote today
was a complaint about Comcast. I clicked through and was impressed
that they not only had a selection of fairly detailed and precise
recent concerns about service but also an overall aggregate metric,
with 96% of all comments about Comcast being negative.

I almost just used a screenshot of that, but thought it would be
tempting to assume this is just another “service” where folks do
nothing but whine, so checked on Aviary, which is what brought me
there in the first place. Well, well, well! Aviary has an overall
rating of 100% positive comments! It is possible, evidently.

Back on the main page, I scrolled down and found popular searches. Of
the 15 most common searches at Amplicate, only one was positive.
Oops, maybe Amplicate is mostly a place people whine.

I tried browsing by subject category, which is a nice feature they
offer. Food, everyone loves food, right? In the Eating & Drinking
section, it turns out that most people love IHOP, but a few don’t. In
the actual FOODS section, the most popular ones are wine,
strawberries, mangos, pepsi, McDonald’s, cheese, Cadbury and beer, all
completely eclipsed by that top winner, CHOCOLATE. Oh, yeah. 🙂 I
don’t think there are any real surprises in that list.


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