Cool Toys pics of the day: PhotoBooth + YouTube + … (You Guessed It!) … Actual Talent :)


YouTube: MusArt Company:

Muruga Booker is a well known drummer who has performed with a whole
bunch of famous recording artists. Which is why when he starts fooling
around with simple straightforward apps like PhotoBooth what happens
is probably a lot more interesting than when I do the same thing.
Actually, having just tried, and finding that I bear a rather horrible
resemblance to a distorted John Malkovich, it would be DEFINITELY
rather than probably.

Muruga told me about all the phone calls he got from wizard
mucky-mucks when he sent in this video, so then he put it up on
YouTube. Your chance to see it first. 🙂 Promoting voting with your
heart and conscience for the Detroit Music Awards. 🙂 Enjoy!


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